Sunday, April 09, 2006

Embrace Sauvignon Blanc South Africa 2005

The Wine Company in the Dempsey Road area and more recently @ Evans Road, are purveyors of some very interesting bottles of wine from South Africa.

A recent impromptu visit led to the discovery of a lovely bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that is offered by the glass @ The Wine Co.

T-notes > Color - Pale, straw yellow. Aromas of nutmeg seguing to the palate with bright, clean passion fruit flavors framed by a crisp acidity. The dryness is almost aloof, yet is comforting and lends an elegance to the wine. Almost like licking evening dew off a rose petal. A very good food wine or just perfect on its own. Amazing value. Much prefer this delicato style of Savvy as opposed to the rather green, stemmy, "over the top" style, typical of some examples of this varietal from New Zealand.


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