Saturday, June 17, 2006

Peter Michael 'La Carriere' 2004

Tasting notes > Visually, a pale, straw yellow with the distinctive cloudiness of an unfiltered wine. Much like purulent urine. Limestone aromatics are woven in with a smorgasborg of citrus fruits and caramel popcorn. Peach, apricot and mango flavors dominate the very clean, bright palate. The mouthfeel - silky and velveteen. 14.6% alcohol here, but nary is it felt cuz of the incredible balance provided by the intense fruit profile and scalpel like acidity. Reminds me very much of Pahlmeyer 04 Chardonnay. Lots of class here. Has great presence. Of the more recent vintages of Peter Michael whites, this to date is my favorite.


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